Security Model


FarCry has its own in-built, roles based security model that is leveraged by the framework, and custom applications.

  • Default Security RolesFarCry ships with a series of default security roles out of the box. These roles are mapped to groups within the default FarCry userdirectory.
  • Farcry LDAP User DirectoryThe LDAP Userdirectory plugin facilitates the integration of existing LDAP or directories with LDAP interfaces (for example, Active Directory).
  • Security IntroductionThe v5.0 (Fortress) release has seen the overhaul of the FarCry Security model to incorporate content type modelling, increased extensibility and a completely new user interface for interacting with security elements.
  • Users, Groups, Roles & PermissionsFarCry has its own in built security model and optional user directory. Users are assigned to Policy Groups or Roles. Each Role has a set of permissions. Permissions are additive.