Tutorials & How Tos

The tutorials and how-to section is for all sorts of miscellaneous documentation. Each page should represent a nifty little exercise in its own right, that can be applied to a typical FarCry application.

  • Custom ConfigsIn Fortress (v5.0+), config definition and storage has been refactored to use a content types and leverage the non-persistent Form Components and the WDDX formtool for capturing config data
  • GenericNav as sitemapGeneric Nav can also be used to dynamically build sitemaps for your website.
  • How Roles, Groups, Permissions Work under the WebtopThe user / role system in FarCry might seem complicated at first, but it is at least logical. There are many users, each of which can belong to any number of groups.
  • List Web SkinsType webskins are effectively views on a specific class of content type that are not concerned with a specific content item. They're ideal for things like groups of items or abstract views concerning a specific type.
  • Object specific permissionsObject specific permissions are permissions that apply to each instance of a type. Navigation is an example of this: you can deny view access to a part of your website simply by changing the permissions for that Navigation item in the site tree.
  • WebfeedsPart of the improved features in FarCry 5.0 is the web feed functionality. This page covers setting up and modifying that functionality.