Default Security Roles

FarCry ships with a series of default security roles out of the box. These roles are mapped to groups within the default FarCry userdirectory.

Roles can be remapped, added, removed, or permission pools modified post installation (and frequently are) to match the specific requirements of the deployment in question.

Default Security Roles


Typical User


A special role (or rather absence of a role) that can also have standard permissions assigned. No specific permissions applied by default.

General visitor to site


Can create, edit, view and request approval only for SITE and CONTENT areas

Content author that requires internal approval to publish.


No specific permissions applied by default. Useful for creating extranet areas ie. members can be given view rights while /anonymous/ users are denied.

Registered website community member.

News Contributor

Can create, edit, view and request approval for content in the CONTENT area.

Example role for a contributor with restricted access to content types.


Can approve, approve own content, access container management, create, delete, edit, request approval and view from most areas of the site.

Content author that can approve own content or other contributors content.


Has the ability to do nearly everything.

Site administration including security settings.


Has the ability to do everything, including a all development and administration utilities.

Highest level of access. Very similar to site admin but may include additional developer tools and functionality that might be operationally dangerous if used incorrectly.