Webtop Configuration


FarCry has an administrative web interface called the "webtop". The webtop can be configured to suit your specific implementation. It's possible to change the permissions, menu structure, tabs, inline documentation and more.

  • Inline Webtop DocumentationFarCry now provides a generic content page for each subsection that displays information about menu items. Previously when a new tab in the webtop was opened, or subsection selected from the drop down list, the main content area would remain blank. This page now extracts information from the webtop XML to display. This means that developers can highlight or explain particular menu items.
  • Webtop IconsIcons are used throughout the webtop to provide visual cues for different content types and administrative tasks. Developers can add their own icon sets or reuse the ones that exist within the framework by default.

The webtop guide from earlier FarCry releases is very relevant and should be referred to until we've had time to fully update the new features available in 5.0