Upgrading to FarCry 6.0

Tiny MCE upgraded from 2.x to 3.x - configs will need to be revisited.

Registering Libraries (javascript & CSS)

Image Config no longer used

request.bHideContextMenu replaced with request.fc.bShowTray

<ft:button /> attributes color and icon are no longer used.

New tags for form layouts: ft:fieldset, ft:fieldsetHelp, ft:field, ft:fieldHint

Removed ability to add js/css libraries using request.inHead[libraryID]

  • extCoreJS
  • extJS (available as registered js library ext)
  • prototypeLiteJS,prototypeJS,prototypeTreeJS
  • scriptaculousJS,ScriptaculousEffectsJS,ScriptaculousDragAndDropJS
  • swfObjectJS (available as registered js library swfObject)
  • farcryFormJS (available as registered js library farcry-form)
  • FormsCSS,WizardCSS (available as registered css library farcry-form)
  • FormValidationJS
  • JSONJS,dataRequestorJS
  • lightboxJS
  • TabsJS
  • DateTimePickerJS
  • CalendarJS,CalendarSetupJS
  • flashWrapperToggle
  • TinyMCEJS (available as registered js library tinymce)
  • jQueryJS (available as registered js library jquery)

Changed FU rewrite:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !(^/farcry|^/webtop|^/flex2gateway|^/flashservices|^/CFIDE)($|/)
RewriteRule ^([a-zA-Z0-9\/\-\%:\[\]\{\}\|\;\<\>\?\,\*\!\@\#\$\ \(\)\^_`~]*)$ /index.cfm?furl=$1 [L,PT,QSA]

farcry.core.packages.farcry.fu to application.fc.factory.farFU

dmCSS no longer available in the tree (component and schema remain for backward compatibility but the content type is now deprecated)