Floater Menu Replacement


It's time for the floater menu to go. (NB: the floater menu appears in the top left corner of a FarCry website when an administrator is loggged in). It doesn't scroll with page anymore (removed due to performance issues on some browsers and designs), blocks the right click context menu, has options we don't need, is missing others that would be really useful. Also it's ugly.

This feature was released in 5.1.0

Current Behaviour

Proposed Changes

The following is a mockup of what we're thinking of doing instead.

Our current plan is to use ExtJS to add the tray on page load, so the page should still validate as per usual. To the user it would look almost like there was another FireFox find bar at the bottom of the page. The entire page would still be accessible via a scroll bar if necessary.

The tray will be defined in webskins. It will make is easier to present the tray differently in one application or add information for specific content types (like versioned types).