FarCry Installation


The FarCry Installation guide should assist in basic scorched earth installations in addition to upgrading and migrating existing FarCry 4.0 projects.


The Fortress Release Requires An Updater

Fortress has a modified installer that accommodates all of the underlying schema changes that are part of the 5.0 release. You cannot use Fortress with an existing FarCry project without modification. Be sure to read through Upgrading From Earlier Versions if you have an existing installation.

Latest Build

Look for the most recent FarCry Community distribution here: http://www.farcrycore.org/go/download

Simple Install From Webroot

  • Make sure you do not have a web mapping for /farcry (if you do, remove it now)
  • Download the latest milestone release (http://www.farcrycore.org/go/download)
  • Unpack the zip in to a folder called ./farcry under the webroot
  • You should have ./farcry/core, ./farcry/projects, ./farcry/plugins, ./farcry/skeletons when you are done
  • Create a blank database and point a datasource to it in CF Administrator
  • Browse to http://localhost/farcry or equivalent (you should be redirected to http://localhost/farcry/core/webtop/install)
  • Follow the installer instructions on your screen
  • Yep. It's that easy.

CRITICAL: Remove Old FarCry CF Mappings

If you are installing farcry framework under the webroot, make sure you do not have a coldfusion mapping for /farcry. This may be the case if you are installing on a server where a previous version of FarCry was installed.

There are four Deployment Configurations supported by the Fortress installer:

  • Standalone
  • Sub-Directory
  • Advanced: CF Mapping
  • Advanced: Web Server Mapping


Watch this space...

  • download latest core
  • download skeleton
  • download plugins (note: webroots for plugins must be updated; manifest and application.cfc)

Install Case Studies

Contribute Your Case Study

If you have a case study of how you installed FarCry in your specific environment we'd love to hear about it. Please feel free to create a page describing your installation and set the parent to this page. A link will automatically appear in the list above (smile)