Category Type

Category type needs a corresponding cfproperty type attribute of string or longchar.

We're actually just storing the category list in the content item because its handy – the actual category relationship is still stored in the standard FarCry category engine. This "de-normalised" data is actually very useful for Verity index construction and forms the basis for rendering the UI widget in the form tool. If you are modifying category assignment outside of the context of the content type then you may need to consider strategies for maintaining the integrity of this de-normalised data.

Remember that string data type defaults to 255 chars which would allow you to hold about five category items. If you anticipate more categories you will need to use longchar.





A category alias to nominate a branch to restrict the category picker view to.

If absent, or category not found grabs root of category tree.


Options for rendering the category picker. Standard options include an expandable tree or select drop down menu.

default; tree. Options; dropdown


Boolean for allowing multiple selections in the category picker.

default; true.