Navigation Folder Selector

Work In Progress!

Only rendertype tree is available at this time. This formtool is due for 4.01, with dropdown available by 4.02

Navigation type allows you to select a navigation folder from somewhere in the sites navigation hierarchy. A list of Navigation Folder (dmNavigation) objectid is stored as a reference in the database.

Remember that string data type defaults to 255 chars which would allow you to hold about five navigation items. If you anticipate more folder references you will need to use longchar data type.





A navigation alias to nominate a branch to restrict the picker view to.

If absent, or navigation alias not found grabs root of site tree.


Options for rendering the navigation picker. Standard options include an expandable tree or select drop down menu.

default; tree. Options; dropdown


Boolean for allowing multiple selections in the category picker.

default; true.


Integer determining the number of items shown in the select box.

default; 5.


Text for the first item in the drop down.

default; blank.

Sample Usage
  ftseq="2" ftfieldset="Redirection" 
  name="linkNavigation" type="string" 
  hint="Link to a navigation folder within the site." required="no" default="" 
  fttype="navigation" ftalias="home" ftrendertype="tree" 
  ftSelectMultiple="false" ftlabel="Navigation Folder" />