System Requirements

FarCry System Requirements

Operating Systems & Servers

FarCry is a ColdFusion application. It will run on just about any environment ColdFusion will run in; Adobe ColdFusion system requirements.

We've worked hard to iron out cross platform issues. Anything that prevents the system running on a CF supported platform is considered to be a bug and will be dealt with accordingly. Currently members of the community are successfully running FarCry on Windows 2K+, OSX and various flavours of Linux.

Supported ColdFusion

FarCry 4.x requires a minimum of ColdFusion 7.02 or above.

There are some great performance improvements on ColdFusion 8.0

FarCry does not officially support BlueDragon (New Atlanta) or other non-Adobe ColdFusion engines. However, we would very much like to support these servers and people involved in those projects are encouraged to poll the farcry-beta forum for support.


We've worked with engineers from New Atlanta to get the FarCry 4.0 code base into shape so that it will work with BlueDragon 7. I think we're close, but we need testers. Join the farcry-beta forum to help out!

Smith Project & Railo

So far we done no testing with these platforms. We'd love to get FarCry going here so send word if you can help.

Supported Databases

FarCry supports mySQL 4.1+, MSSQL 7.0+, Oracle 10g+ and Postgres 7+.