Media Management

Media Archiving

Any content object with an associated physical file, for example a PDF, is considered to have a media asset in need of management. When a file is deleted or updated the system can big configured to retain the file in an archive for record keeping.

  • File ArchiveFarCry follows specific rules with respect to how physical files are created, updated, deleted and archived.
  • Flash ArchiveThe new 4.0 Flash library is significantly more functional than FarCry 3.0, however, the management of inline Flash media elements is still problematic. We strongly recommend that Flash elements are rendered as part of the display template as required, as inline Flash elements require that the contributor understand exactly what's going on behind the scenes in order to effectively manage the content.
  • Image ArchiveImage management works effectively the same way as file management behind the scenes. The primary exception is that there is no ability to secure draft image content by default.