Code By Example


In an effort to give folks some isolated working examples of real world code written specifically for 4.0 we've included some sample code collections with annotations.

Please feel free to comment the specific pages with requests for additional information.

  • Image Gallery RuleTry this very simple image gallery rule. Grey box is basically a pop up window that doesn't suck. Just install the existing FarCry Greybox plugin and you are all set. Select the images you want from the image library and display them using Grey Box.
  • Sample Promotional TileWe needed a simple promotional tile for placing on the website. This was used to promote other areas on the site or external subsites of the clients. The tile can have either a fixed horizontal image or a vertical image. The individual tiles will be placed onto the site using the "hand-picked" publishing rule.
  • Showing Related ContentOne of FarCry's real strengths is the ability to easily create and display cross related content. All you need is a content type that records the references using an array or library property (for example, dmHTML the content type for standard HTML pages) and some presentation logic in your view.