Formtool Validation


The standard formtool library leverages Dexagogo's Really Easy Field Validation, based on the prototype library. The basic method is to attach to the form's onsubmit event, read out all the form elements' classes and perform validation if required. If a field fails validation, reveal field validation advice and prevent the form from submitting.

Validation Options

ftValidation with a comma separated list of validation requirements.

  • required (not blank)
  • validate-number (a valid number)
  • validate-digits (digits only)
  • validate-alpha (letters only)
  • validate-alphanum (only letters and numbers)
  • validate-date (a valid date value)
  • validate-email (a valid email address)
  • validate-date-au (a date formatted as; dd/mm/yyyy)
  • validate-currency-dollar (a valid dollar value)
  • validate-selection (first option e.g. 'Select one...' is not selected option)
  • validate-one-required (At least one textbox/radio element must be selected in a group)

Implementation Details

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PDF File really-easy-field-validation.pdf Really Easy Field Validation

Jul 09, 2007 by Geoff Bowers