Application Configuration


When FarCry starts up, it goes through an initialisation phase that configures the framework to work for your application. This configuration can be adjusted to suit your specific needs.

yXplorer: Browse the FarCry Application Scope

Yxplorer is a Flashlet and accompanying component that allow you to drill down and explore your session, application and server scopes. Very nifty tool if you've been wondering what's in there. Yxplorer is part of the FarCry framework , but something that can be used on its own just about anywhere. We use the application scope a lot in FarCry, so Yxplorer comes in very handy when you're trying to work out what is where.

Webtop Menu Location

  • ADMIN > General > Scope Dump

Yxplorer was written in Actionscript 2 by Patrick Tai. Patrick is the Daemonite French connection, and Yxplorer is actually "explorer" pronounced with a funny accent. Because its written in AS2 all you need is Flash remoting activated on CFMX 6+ and you can get this little guy to work.