FarCry 5.0 Developers Guide (Fortress)Link Array Formtool

Link Array Formtool


Ever wanted to allow users to capture a bunch of links in a property that you can output? You could always use the FarCry CMS Link content type, but its a bit unwieldy, especially if your links are really only related to one specific content item and don't make sense in a library. Well you are in luck (smile)

Blair has put together a great little "formtool" that captures links and their labels with a nifty jQuery UI, and stores them in a WDDX packet. Deploy it in your project by creating a folder called ./myprojectnamehere/packages/formtools and saving the linkwddx.cfc file. Then you can apply the formtool to any longchar property you may have in a content type.

And when you are done:

The Code

PS. the jQuery plugin we're using seems to have some quirkiness with WebKit, so you may notice in the code that there is a less elegant method of rendering the UI for Safari et al