Removing Content Types


There is no built in method for completely eradicating a type/rule. But if you want to do it manually, these are the parts you will need to cover.


  • Remove the cfc in packages/types or packages/rules
  • Delete any include files. e.g. packages/types/_yourTypeName
  • Delete the webskin directory. e.g. webskin/yourTypeName


  • Delete the table by the name of the type/rule
  • Delete tables named in the style of yourTypeName_arrayPropertyName
  • Remove references to that type from refObjects: delete from
  • refObjects where typename='yourTypeName'

Application variables

  • Simplest solution is to restart coldfusion or perform an &updateapp=1 to re-initialise the application
  • Otherwise set up a page to remove the type/rule from application.types/application.rules struct - there will be a key by the name of the type/rule
  • Remove the type/rule from application.stcoapi the same way