Error Pages

Built In Error Handler

FarCry has a built in error handler for 404/500 errors that removes any debugging information and supplies a simple message to users. Note if you are logged in to the webtop or running the app from localhost/127.0.01 you will see the error message + dump, so you'd need to log out or try from a remote IP to see the nice error page.

Build Your Own

You can override this default behaviour and build your own error handler as well. FarCry looks for 404.cfm and 500.cfm in \{project-root\}/errors/ and  \{project-root\}/www/errors/. If the user tries to view content that doesn't exist and you have provided a 404 template, FarCry will display that instead. Using the webroot folder is particularly useful if you want to use the same location for ColdFusion 404 and 500 templates.

Remember that 500 pages should not use FarCry resources (tags, webskins, etc) to display, as these might be the source of the error.