Security Model


FarCry has its own in-built, roles based security model that is leveraged by the framework, and custom applications.

User Directories Are Plugins

As of FarCry 5.0, a user directory can be defined outside the core as a plugin. While the basic FarCry user directory (where users and groups are stored in the application database) is still embedded in the core, LDAP and Active Directory, Janrain Engage, External (XUD) user directory and others are available as user directory plugins.

Security Model Details
  • Default Security RolesFarCry ships with a series of default security roles out of the box. These roles are mapped to groups within the default FarCry userdirectory.
  • Security IntroductionThe FarCry Security model incorporates content type modelling, is fully extensible extensibility.
  • Users, Groups, Roles & PermissionsFarCry has its own in built security model and optional user directory. Users are assigned to Policy Groups or Roles. Each Role has a set of permissions. Permissions are additive.