Tutorials & How Tos

The tutorials and how-to section is for all sorts of miscellaneous documentation. Each page should represent a nifty little exercise in its own right, that can be applied to a typical FarCry application.

  • dmFile Boosting for FarCry Solr Pro SearchFarCry Solr Pro plugin pro provides various configuration and customization of the search result including document elevation and boosting. However, we wanted to make it easier for contributors to use these features at the stage of managing contents. This tutorial page will list the steps of implementing document boosting for File objects. 
  • Loading Javascript & CSS LibrariesIn dynamic CMS frameworks you often find yourself needing to load many different JavaScript or CSS libraries into a page. This becomes particularly complex when plugins enter the mix, needing to load libraries.
FarCry 5.x.x Tutorials

Tutorials from older FarCry versions. Should still work just fine, but be mindful that there may be more modern techniques available.

  • Custom ConfigsIn Fortress (v5.0+), config definition and storage has been refactored to use a content types and leverage the non-persistent Form Components and the WDDX formtool for capturing config data
  • GenericNav as sitemapGeneric Nav can also be used to dynamically build sitemaps for your website.
  • How Roles, Groups, Permissions Work under the WebtopThe user / role system in FarCry might seem complicated at first, but it is at least logical. There are many users, each of which can belong to any number of groups.
  • List Web SkinsType webskins are effectively views on a specific class of content type that are not concerned with a specific content item. They're ideal for things like groups of items or abstract views concerning a specific type.
  • Object specific permissionsObject specific permissions are permissions that apply to each instance of a type. Navigation is an example of this: you can deny view access to a part of your website simply by changing the permissions for that Navigation item in the site tree.
  • WebfeedsPart of the improved features in FarCry 5.0 is the web feed functionality. This page covers setting up and modifying that functionality.