Distribution README.txt

This comprehensive README.txt is included in the application root of the FarCry Community code distribution. The most recent version of this document can always be found at:

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FarCry Publishing Platform v6.0.x


FarCry is licensed under the GPL 3.0. An exception is provided for the inclusion of LGPL licensed FarCry plugins, and graphical themes.

Daemon Pty Limited is the sole copyright holder of the codebase, and provides Commercial License options for companies:

Systems Requirements

We're always doing our best to get folks involved in the FarCry community, and to that end we've invested heavily in making FarCry available on all sorts of systems:

  • FarCry runs on Adobe ColdFusion, OpenBD, and Railo, incorporating a range of ColdFusion application servers, from commercial options, to those that are free for community use
  • FarCry supports Linux, Solaris, Windows, and OSX (basically anything you can get a ColdFusion server running on)
  • FarCry works with mySQL, Postgres, Oracle and MSSQL database servers (additional database platforms are under consideration)


There is a more comprehensive installation guide online at:

Upgrading from Earlier Versions

You may need to run an updater or perform code changes to your project customisations if upgrading from earlier versions. The exception to this is maintenance releases – these should never require developer intervention beyond restarting the application.

Simple Install From Webroot

  • Make sure you do not have a web mapping for /farcry (if you do, remove it now)
  • Download the latest milestone release (
  • Unpack the zip in to a folder called ./farcry under the webroot
  • You should have ./farcry/core, ./farcry/projects, ./farcry/plugins, ./farcry/skeletons when you are done
  • Create a blank database and point a datasource to it in CF Administrator
  • Browse to http://localhost/farcry or equivalent
  • Follow the installer instructions on your screen
  • Yep. It's that easy.

CRITICAL: Remove Old FarCry CF Mappings

If you are installing farcry framework under the webroot, make sure you do not have a coldfusion mapping for /farcry. This may be the case if you are installing on a server where a previous version of FarCry was installed.

There are four Deployment Configurations supported by the Fortress installer:

  • Standalone
  • Sub-Directory
  • Advanced: CF Mapping
  • Advanced: Web Server Mapping

Getting Started

Content Publishers

Daemon has released its FarCry Contributor Course under Creative Commons. This should get everyday users up to speed on the publishing platform and CMS that forms part of this distribution:


Daemon's entire FarCry Developer Course (130+ pages) is released under Creative Commons. We hope this will go a long way to helping developers become familiar with the platform quickly:

The community WIKI provides referene materials, tutorials and code samples:

Documentation extracted from the code base is updated nightly and available online:

Support Options

The community itself is a vibrant and friendly place. We provide as many services as we can to help people learn, participate, and see what's going on in the code base day to day:

Commercial Support

And of course, Daemon provides a range of commercial support, development, and training services for companies investing in FarCry as a platform for their online business.