How I Installed FarCry (BazD)

A quick note from BazD; republished from the FarCry Forums

Heres my 10 steps on how I installed Farcry v4 on IIS6, CFMX8, MS SQL
Database in a non-shared hosting environement. Please note that a
shared hosting environment is slightly different to setup.

1) Download Farcry v4 (zip file was called to your C:
drive (or the location of the drive you wish to use to story farcry
and your projects on - I will use c: drive for this example) and and
unzip it.

2) Renam the folder from "Farcry-1394" to "Farcry". So you now have a
folder on your c: drive called "farcry" (C:\farcry). Inside this
folder, you will see the following three folders:

a) core
b) plugins
c) projects

3) Open the "projects" folder, and rename the "mollio" folder to the
name of your project (in this example, I will use "test" as a project

4) Open up MS Management Studio (or whichever tool you use to create
your databases) and created a blank MS SQL database. Call the
database whatever you want.

5) Log into cold fusion admin, and set up a "mapping" that points to
the farcry folder that is mentioned in step 1) above . "/farcry" is
the mapping name, which points to "c:\farcry"

6) Still within cold fusion admin, create a DSN that points to the
blank MS SQL database, that was created in step 4) above.

7) Within IIS, create a new website entry (call the name of the entry
whatever you wish). Within the properties of this entry, point the
home directory to your farcry project www folder: "C:\Farcry\projects
\test\www". Change the Host Headers to the URL you will type in to
access the website. For my own project, I used ""
for example.

8) Still in IIS6 and the website entry that you have created in step
7) above, create a virtual directory called "farcry" and pointed to "C:

9) Now to install farcry - Open up your browser and in the address bar
type the domain name that you setup the host headers to recognise in
step 7) above (ie. mine would be

Now at this point, you may get an error saying "Your IP address is not
permitted to access the isntall directory". If you do, open up the
application.cfm file that resides at "C:\Farcry\projects\test\www
\install" and change line 5 from: <cfset lAllowHosts = "" />
to <cfset lAllowHosts = #cgi.remote_addr# />

This should allow you to run the installer.

10) The installer fields I used where:

Installer Domain Name * =

Project Virtual Directory = blank

Farcry Virtual Directory = /farcry

Project DSN * = Enter the DSN of your MS SQL database that I created
in step 6) above

Database Type * = Microsoft SQL Server

Database Owner = dbo.

Install the database only = unchecked

Delete Installer on completion = unchecked (I always manually delete
the install folder after Ive successfully setup each project. Thats
just my preference). You can do this also, just dont forget to delete
the install folder after successfully setting up your project.

Farcry plugins: I have only farcrycms checked.

And thats basically it.
You should then be able to access the admin by typing the URL (ie.
and the default username and password are both "farcry" (without the

Thats the basics of the install. Im sure there are others who will
detail how they install farcry on their development machines.