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A view decorator is a little bit of metadata that you can stick at the top of your view in FarCry to change its behaviour and the way its documented. FarCry Core framework is pretty clever and can work out a default in most cases depending on the file naming convention you have used. However, its good practice to be explicit about your decorators so be sure to put them in.


Code Block
<!--- @@Displayname: Full Page Display --->
<!--- @@Description: Complete view of the case study. --->
<!--- @@Viewstack: page --->
<!--- @@Viewbinding: object --->
<!--- @@Cachestatus: 1 --->
<!--- @@Cachetimeout: 60 --->
<!--- @@Fualias: page --->
<!--- @@postprocess: youtube(width=720,height=405);gist --->

View Decorators

What follows is a little cheat sheet of the most common decorators and how they work.