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Google Maps Plugin

Embed Google Maps within your FarCry application. Maps can include multiple plot points and custom icons.


You can grab the code base from the FarCry subversion repository:


Add googleMaps to your plugin list in the ./www/farcryConstructor.cfm template in your projects webroot.

You'll need to get an official Google Map API key for your domain. This is a big alphanumeric keyed to your specific domain – so you'll need one for your development environment and one for production. Add it to the Google Maps config in the webtop.

Google Maps config is stored under Content > Google Maps. Its a separate content type because in some more advanced deployments you may need multiple configs. Mostly you'll just need the one (smile)

Getting Started

Then simply reinitialise your application and login to the webtop. You can create Locations and maps from the webtop admin, and schedule maps onto your pages using the googleMap publishing rule.

Plugin Components

Content Types

  • googleMap
  • googleMapLocation

Publishing Rules

  • ruleGoogleMap

Video & Screen Grabs