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Google Analytics Plugin has moved to GITHUB:

Latest Release Google Analytics 3.0.0 (as at 05-Mar-2013)

Google Analytics Plugin

Provides close integration for FarCry projects with the Google Analytics service v3.0 API

Features include:

  • webtop overview integration
    • stats for individual pages or content items
    • stats for site tree branches or sections
  • inline line charts and dot graphs for 7, 30, 90 and 356 day periods
  • support for downloads and external link reporting
  • a framework for tracking Google custom variables
  • popular content publishing rule



Checkout from source control

svn checkout

TRUNK should be mostly stable. But there are specific milestone tags for those who don't want to risk it.

Copy the "www" folder to a "googleanalytics" folder under your project's webroot or create a web server alias (virtual directory on IIS) as "/googleanalytics" pointed at the plugin's www folder.

Update project constructor

Add googleAnalytics to the plugin list within ./www/farcryConstructor.cfm

<!---// set plugin list--->
<cfset THIS.plugins = "farcrycms,googleMaps,googleAnalytics,farcrydoc" />

Deploy content types

Go into the webtop ADMIN > DEVELOPER TOOLS and deploy all the plugin content types.

Set Up Google API Profile

  1. Set up a project in your Google API console
    1. under Services, enabled Analytics API
    2. under API Access, create a client ID (the redirect URI must be
  2. In FarCry, create/edit your settings in Content -> Google Analytics -> Site Settings (I assume you've already updated app and deployed new schema changes :)
  3. Copy in the clientID and secret
  4. Authorise FarCry to access the your analytics data (there should be a link next to Refresh Token)
  5. Select your Account, Property, and Profile.

What else?

That's literally it. If GA Plugin detects that you are serving a page from one of the configured domains, it will automatically include the correct urchin code for your domain in the HEAD of your document.

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  1. Hello, I'm a newby to Farcry. I just installed Farcry 6.2.Works perfectly!

    But I'm currently struggling to get the GoogleAnalytics plugin working properly. Though I got it installed without any errors, something seems to have gone wrong.

    After clicking 'Content > Google Analtyics > Site settings' in Webtop, I get the error: "Table 'farcry.gasetting' doesn't exist"

    Apparently, the database was not setup properly. Does anyone have any idea where I went wrong?

    Was it this instruction: "Go into the webtop ADMIN > DEVELOPER TOOLS and deploy all the plugin content types."

    I couldn't figure out what was meant here...


    1. Hans,  logon to the webtop and go to ADMIN tab > DEVELOPER TOOLS section (see drop down) and select COAPI Tools: COAPI Content Types.  At the top of the view there will be a list of "Conflicts" (ie. differences between your code base and the database schema). Select and apply all the defaults.  You should be good to go (smile)

      Join us on chat or in the Dev forum if you need more help!

  2. Thanks, Geoff! I'm back in business!