Image upload appears to not respecting ftbUploadOnly="true"


When uploading an image to source I always set ftbUploadOnly="true" so that it will not go through any of the cfimage processing. Simply using ColdFusion's cfimage tags/functions to just upload an image will force it to go through some image processing regardless of any settings you give to the cfimage tag and the image will "always" lose some quality regardless of its kind intentions. I always leave my source images unmodified so that when I use them in the future I am not working from a reduced quality image (sort of like copying music from a tape, to another tape, to another tape - there is lots of quality loss).

Since FarCry 6.3 when you upload an image it says it has forced the image quality to 80% . Is this a typo of text on the screen and it's not changing the quality, or is FarCry doing something like ignoring the ftbUploadOnly="true" setting? If FarCry is actually changing images without our consent, then that means we have a lot of affected images that might not be able to be undone.




Jeff Coughlin
October 21, 2015, 5:09 AM

You can set the image quality to 100%, but it still goes through an image processor and you still lose quality. This is why when I originally wrote the code for cfimage use in FarCry, ftbUploadOnly="true" would be a trigger to tell FarCry to just use cffile to upload the source image without using cfimage to upload the source image (and run it through needless image processing).

Geoff Bowers
December 5, 2013, 11:50 AM

Does ftUploadOnly work in the image formtool? Would an alternative be to set quality to 100%? I thought 100% was the default on Source images in any event?


Blair McKenzie


Jeff Coughlin